Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jennifer Ashley - Author

Jennifer Ashley is a NYT best-selling author.  She has several books written under Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James (pen name), and Ashley Gardner (pen name).

I looked to see if she had a presence on Facebook because I fell in love with her Shifters Unbound series.  Ms. Ashley has a personal Facebook profile simply listed under her name ( and a Facebook page listed under her name and one of her pen names (

Her list of friends on her profile is almost at the 5000 mark that Facebook has imposed as their limit for profiles.  She roughly has 2,700 'likes' on her page.

Sometimes the information that she posts on the profile is not posted on the page and vice versa.  Ms. Ashley is very active on both her profile and her page.  She is accessible to her fans and always more than willing to answer questions about her books, her series, when new material is coming out and if drop dates are being changed.

But she does something else, something that keeps me coming back to her pages and something that will keep me as a fan for life:  she allows us to see into her life.  When she is sick - she tells us, when her day goes to the dogs - she tells us, when she is elated over something - she tells us.  She understands not only the need for her to continue writing but the desire of her fans to 'know' her, to relate to her on a personal level, and to feel as if they matter to her.

She offers ARCs (advanced reader copies) to her fans in the forms of contests.  (I was the winner of an ARC before Christmas to the newest Shifters Unbound novel and I was over the moon when I received it.)  She hosts contests for previous books, she lowers the cost of her nook books at times to give those her support her in the electronic forms to also feel appreciated.

At times I feel bad for her trying to make sure that she keeps up on her Facebook presence and write her books.  But I don't think she would be the author (woman and friend) that she is without bringing her fans along for the ride in her Facebook profile and page.


NOTE:  I have Ms. Ashley's expression permission to have made this blog entry for a college class assignment.   A copy of the permission is available if there is a need to verify the information.

Personal PS. Thanks Jennifer for understanding.

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