Friday, February 3, 2012

Research, Research and did I mention Research

Research is the bane of my existence.

With paranormal fiction (fantasy and sci-fi probably as well) there is so much information.  So many books and websites devoted to information used in this type of fiction that I at times get bogged down with it.

I don't want my characters to be half believable.  I don't want someone to be able to point and say "Well didn't you know that Oenomancy is divination by pouring wine on the ground and not by simply looking at it in a glass; geez where did you get your information."   See where I am going with this.

My current work in progress (forever after this point known as WIP) is actually four books which start a series.  due to the nature of the story line I have stick-it notes, index cards, and note books filled with information about the characters, who they know, what they know and the story line.

I am drowning in information and I think that is where I am currently failing.

I have to regroup and decide exactly what must go into those first four books and what needs to be eluded to but not shared in them but shared in the next books in the series.

It is a fine line between not giving enough information and giving away too much of the plot.  I have decided I need to move for not other reason then I need an office with a bigger wall so that I can have more room for my stick notes to be spread out and placed where I need them to be.

I can see the reasoning on a rental application:  "Why did you move from your previous residence? Well I moved because I needed more space so that voices in my head could make sure I understood their story correctly when I plotted it out on the walls."  Somehow I see my application being turned down.

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