Saturday, May 19, 2012

Things that made me happy this week....

Things that made me happy this week:

- Ben and Jerry's new frozen Greek yogurt in the raspberry with chocolate flavor 

- my brother graduating from college 
- receiving my final financial aid letter from school knowing I only need half the aid because I will be done in December 
- talking with some amazing women (either online, on the phone, or text) and knowing they are my friends (sisters really) 
- watching my mom come through with her head up and knowing I inherited that from here, thank you mom 
- a secret crush 
- noting all of the amazing things that Wyatt has learned in the past year since we moved 
- our new house (thank you Mr. and Mrs. Blair, it is beautiful) 
- cleaning the inside of the truck today 
- not just letting go of some hurts but actually writing them completely OUT of my way 
- finding a photographer on Fb whose work takes my breath away (see my most recent like, A B Pan Photography), and getting her permission to change out my page photo to one of hers 
- the sun, thank you for finally coming back

There are more but this was simply the ones I thought of in under 2 minutes

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